I am currently available to give virtual lectures and to participate in online seminars and panels.

For speaking and consulting engagements (English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish), contact me at analucia.araujo@gmail.com

My speaking fees vary according to the format of the event (seminar, conference, lecture, workshop) and the size of the audience.

Consultancy fees depend on the length of the project and the kind of feedback requested.

As in my research, my lectures and other talks are transnational and comparative. I cover examples from the Americas, Europe, and Africa.

  • Slavery
  • History and memory
  • Reparations for slavery
  • Memory wars
  • Public memory of slavery in the international arena
  • Collective memory of slavers and enslaved
  • Heritage of slavery
  • Museums and slavery
  • Monuments and memorials to slavery
  • Slavery and art
  • Material culture of slavery
  • Visual culture of slavery
  • Slavery and African Diaspora
  • Afro-Brazilian history and culture
  • Race and racial relations in Latin America
  • Afro-Latino America
  • History of Brazil, nineteenth and twentieth centuries
  • Slavery in Brazil
  • Race and “Racial Democracy” in Brazil
  • History of Afro-Brazilians

Consulting services:

  • exhibitions
  • book manuscript review
  • digital initiatives
  • textbooks review
  • documentary film projects
  • television series projects
  • monuments
  • memorials